May 7

Say »Hello« to our team


Say »Hello« to our team

Hallo, God dag, hyvää päivää, Hi and Hello,

Our team strives for your best ever experience during the 2021 District 95 Conference. We aim to bring you three unforgettable days of fun, learning and speeches in Frankfurt from May 7 till May 9.

This is Jan, also known as Jan. As Organizing Chair, he is accountable for, well, the organization of the whole event. Yet, all he ever does is talk about some obscure vision for the conference and whip the team with motivational speeches like slaves on a galley. Is this guy doing anything useful at all?

Jan Behling (ACG ALB)   
Mainhätten Toastmasters | Business Club Frankfurt Toastmasters | Area Director F4

Organizing Chair

Neha Attri is the Program Director for the event. She will give you the reason why you should attend the District conference 2020. Her goal is to bring the best on the Table for you. She believes that during this 3 day conference everyone will Fly High and Feel the Sky in an environment filled with Fun and Lots of Learning experience.

Neha Attri (ACG ALB)  
Esprit de Corps Toastmasters | Division Director F (2019-20)

Program Director

Stan is our Treasurer, he ensures that accounting for this event is all set-up, assists with Eventbrite®, and supports Jan with the budget.

He likes soccer and therefore compares the conference to a big soccer event. 2006 was the "summer fairy tale", i.e. the soccer world cup in Germany. So let's make this event the "summer fairy tale" of Toastmasters.

Stanislaw Schütz   Business Club Frankfurt Toastmasters


Piyali  is responsible for public relations and innovations corner at the District 95 Conference 2021. She was in charge of Catering earlier at the physical D95 Conference Event and then Corona happened. Piyali is still catering you to an innovative platter of enriching experience online at D95 Conference 2021. So enjoy the savoury panel discussions, gorge on the interesting expos, drool at that key-note speech and let your senses sizzle with awe at D95 Conference on 7-9 May 2021.

Piyali Bhaumik (IP5, DL3)   

Founder and President Deutsche Börse Toastmasters  |  Area F1 director

Event management and PR

Udo is our man behind the lens. He does all our photography and filming. Apart from this, he is looking for workshop presenters that we can offer a broad array of workshop topics. Furthermore he manages our panel discussions.

Udo Kröner  Esprit de Corps (Frankfurt), Speechless Toastmasters Bielefeld

Photography & AV , workshops, panel discussions

Ivo is our webmaster for this website as well as responsible for our SocialMedia channels.  Furthermore he manages all technical issues concerning our ticket vendor Eventbrite®. 

He is a fun guy (too funny?). He is married but has a secret affair with an amazon named Alexa.

Any questions/comments concerning this website?

Ivo Lube  Rhetorik-Club Wiesbaden

Webmaster / SocialMedia-Manager

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