February 26

Planning is in high gear


Planning is in high gear

Dear Toastmasters,

Planning for the District 95 2021 Conference (May 7-9) is in high gear. To give you the best possible conference experience the conference organizing committee has selected a new and dynamic platform to energize the event and give it a real “conference feel.” And what would a real conference be without an incredible line up of seminars, workshops, panel discussions and interviews? That is where you come in.

The conference committee wants to hear from you! Are you an accomplished facilitator with an idea for an interactive workshop ripe for the virtual stage? Would you like to join a panel discussion or be interviewed on the main stage? Just let us know. We will feature the best ideas.

Drop us a line, no later than 5 March 2021, with all the details (who you are, what your experience is, and an abstract of your planned workshop) to feedback@d95-conference.org. We will come back to you.

Best regards,

D95 Conference Organizing Committee

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